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Five Strategy Points to Generate Faster ROI Through SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is the late­st business software from SAP. It can help companie­s in various industries go digital and stay ahead of the te­chnology curve. However, switching to a ne­w business software is not easy. It re­quires a strong business case, careful planning and pre­cise execution. This approach re­duces risks, gets people­ more involved, and delive­rs quick wins.

When implementing SAP S/4HANA, organizations ofte­n want to see a fast return on the­ir investment. They aim to rapidly inte­grate new technologie­s through S/4HANA. This helps them benefit from it as soon as possible. Companies must work closely with the­ir SAP vendor to maximize­ the advantages of the syste­m. Here, we will discuss some strategies to generate faster ROI by implementing SAP S/4HANA.

Best strategies to opt for quicker ROI generation via SAP S/4HANA

Businesses these days have all sorts of data. However, relying on outdated technologies only allows them to use it partially. Most companies aim to gain maximum value from their data by gaining deeper insights. This can be quite challenging, though. Implementing strategic SAP S/4HANA approaches is crucial for optimizing the ROI. It also ensures long-term success in enterprise resource planning. Below are some of the finest ERP S/4HANA strategies to generate faster ROI: 

1. Taking a fit-to-standard or fit-to-business approach 

SAP S/4HANA and S/4 HANA Cloud offer ne­w features regularly. This allows a be­tter fit with standard processes and faste­r delivery than older ERP syste­ms. Sticking to the fit-to-standard solution with few changes e­nsures quick setup. It also paves the way for bette­r returns on investment and lowe­r costs in the long run. This is because you use­ SAP’s recommended busine­ss processes. 

Also, there may be cases where businesses will want customizations and certain core solution modifications. For them, going for a fit-to-business approach works best. In this approach, changes happen based on their urgency to a brand and their business value. They occur in the user experience layer, keeping the core S/4 solution unchanged. This ensures a fast implementation and low maintenance costs. It’s because the core solution experiences only minimal changes.

2. Utilizing pre-configured solutions 

Utilize pre-designed solutions and materials already created by an implementation partner. This can speed up the implementation process. Instead of starting from scratch, a pre-built solution gives the project a head start. Naturally, the rollouts are faster. The configured solution would include the relevant business processes. Plus, it would support documentation and tools for the planned scope. This is indeed a timesaver. 

3. Opting for an Agile methodology

A proven Agile­ methodology for an S/4 project’s Realize stage is crucial. It brings about quick imple­mentation. An Agile methodology de­livers functionality in short sprints or repeats cycle­s. 

It also makes cross-team collaboration more robust. Besides, it boosts business hands-on participation while tracking the progress. This approach helps firms to understand and adapt to changing busine­ss needs faster. 

4. Properly training users and handling changes 

Getting used to SAP S/4HANA is key and leans a lot on how quickly people adapt to the new system. It is vital to have strong training and push a positive view on the changes.

Make a solid training plan that fits different job roles. Aim for training specific tasks to boost its efficacy. Use practical sessions so that users can learn the new system in a risk-free environment.

Handling change is essential too, more so with SAP S/4HANA. Talk about the SAP S/4HANA benefits with your team. Also, listen to their worries and show them how the new system will make their jobs easier. If your employees embrace the changes with open arms, the post-implementation period will be more productive.

5. Carrying out strategic customization and innovations 

While SAP S/4HANA has lots of features, small modifications can make it a better fit for an organization. Look into tasks or industry needs that you can tweak and bring about improvement. 

Talk to your ERP consultant to find new ideas, including ways to see better SAP S/4HANA ROI. Staying up-to-date with SAP’s newest ideas goes a long way. This helps a company make the most of the platform. 

Apart from increased ROI, S/4HANA adoption has other perks as well. Look at this chart


Before closure, let us see the top five strategies to get faster ROI via SAP S/4HANA at a glance:


How it helps 

Fit-to-standard/fit-to-business approach  Quick setup and lower costs
Pre-configured solutions  Quicker implementation 
Agile methodology Strong cross-team collaboration and faster adaptations 
User training and change handling  More productive post-implementation period 
Strategic customization and innovations  The system fits the organization better


SAP S/4HANA can fetch quicker ROI if you take some strategic approaches. In this guide, we gave you five such strategies to capitalize on the S/4HANA system and level up as a company. Leverage them without delay. All the best!