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SAP S/4HANAthe Global Standard

The world’s best ERP system,
Avally will integrate your global systems


Our Business

We leverage the greatest strength of the ERP
package to utilize SAP ERP across global locations.

Many SAP providers do not have overseas bases or, even if they do,
cannot achieve seamless global collaboration.
This is our perception.
Therefore, many global projects commonly rely on project management led by
staff knowledgeable about local conditions or on methods that rely entirely on
local vendors abroad.
However, there may be cases where foreign local entities are unable to comprehend
and adopt the new system. Furthermore, constructing a system that is specific
to the local environment may also prevent the original goal from being achieved.
At Avally, we have highly experienced staff who are well-versed in SAP ERP
in each country, as well as staff who can effectively communicate locally.
This enables us to facilitate seamless support by ensuring smooth communication
between local offices and head offices
While respecting the intentions and policies of the head offices, we provide services
tailored to the local needs.


SAP S/4HANAGlobal Rollout Services

Specialized SAP consultants seamlessly connect the intentions
of local offices and head offices.

We enable the global deployment of SAP ERP.
We provide strong support for the implementation of our customers' SAP ERP systems at overseas locations, regardless of whether they are primary or non-primary sites.
We not only perform simple rollout implementation, but also design the optimal global model for operating SAP on a global scale.
For project management, we don't just leave it to the local offices. Instead, we deploy SAP specialists at each location who can communicate effectively with both parties, enabling advanced communication between sites while providing services that cater to local needs and adhere to the head office s' intentions and policies.
We avoid common issues in global projects, such as 'not being able to grasp the local situation' and 'creating a system that doesn't match the expectations', and guide projects to success.


SAP ERP Implementation Methodologies

Efficiently drive projects with minimal system quality risks using our ERP package and template functionalities, optimized through prototype methodology to ensure no rework. Trust in our commitment to deliver the highest quality system for your business operation.

  • Method.1
    Basic Hearing

    We initiate the implementation project by conducting a basic hearing with key members to gather fundamental information for prototype construction and gain comprehensive understanding of our customer's current business. This process helps to prevent any misunderstandings in subsequent phases and contributes to the smooth progression of the project.

  • Method.2
    Prototype Verification
    (Fit & Gap analysis)

    Working closely with our clients, we use the actual SAP ERP system to conduct Fit & Gap prototype verification. Based on the information obtained from the Basic Hearing phase, we conduct business verification using a high-quality prototype system that closely resembles actual business processes. This results in an efficient and low rework project implementation

  • Method.3
    Additional Function

    Designing and developing additional features during prototype validation phase to improve the system's completeness, ensuring optimal ERP system that fits perfectly with the client's business needs.

  • Method.4

    Training for Successful SAP ERP Implementation. Training is an essential element in the implementation of SAP ERP. At Avally, we start training early on and provide support to ensure that our customers can smoothly use the system. By offering effective training, we help achieve smooth operation during production.

  • Method.5
    Data Migration

    During the initial stage of the project, we clarify the migration policy for transaction and master data from the current system and perform mapping work for the target data. For the actual data migration, we support efficient and error-free migration using standardized data migration tools based on the templates.

  • Method.6
    Integration & Operational Testing

    We will develop a plan for integration and operation testing, focusing on ensuring that the system can be operated according to real-world business workflows. To achieve this, we will prioritize training end-users on how to operate the system and adopt best practices for production use, enabling a smooth transition

  • Method.7
    Go-Live Support

    After the system goes live, we will be on-site for one month to provide operational support. We will quickly respond to any necessary troubleshooting or provide explanations on operational procedures as needed.

  • Method.8
    Platform/infrastructure support

    After deployment of the SAP system, we perform the basic settings necessary for daily system operations. This includes setting up backups and monitoring operations


SAP-ERPGlobal AMO Services

Post-Implementation, Application Management Service

We provide support in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai, not only through individual contracts with local companies, but also through a centralized support system at our headquarters. After the implementation, we offer regular maintenance and assessment services for operational improvement, ensuring long-term use. Although implementing SAP ERP is a significant investment, we strive to improve cost-effectiveness through continuous improvement and contribute to our customers' business



ERP ReconstructionRFP Creation and Support

Offering practical strategies
aligned with our
customers’ business strategies

Before introducing SAP ERP, we will support the creation of the RFP (Request for Proposal) led by the head office. Our experienced consultants will assist in identifying improvement points based on the local situation, creating a blueprint, estimating the budget, and selecting vendors. We will propose a realistic system strategy that aligns with your long-term business strategy from both business and system perspectives.