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The Power of S/4HANA Public Cloud in Customer Experience Enhancement

Many different kinds of businesses and companies are using S/4HANA software for daily tasks. It includes a cloud version known as S/4HANA public cloud. This version was developed on the SAP HANA platform to help fulfill tasks such as analytics and real-time processing.

S/4HANA public cloud will keep you ahead in the competitive race by providing an in-depth insight into the business data. This article defines how the S/4HANA public cloud gives a better customer experience in the business.

Key Features of S/4HANA Public Cloud Analytics

To know the features of SAP  S/4HANA public cloud analytics, it is necessary to understand the meaning of this cloud analytics. S/4HANA public cloud is software that gives the best ERP solutions for machine learning and advanced analytics of the cloud.

You can use these analytics to make a better business and get innovative solutions for the business. Let us have a look at some of the key features of the S/4HANA public cloud in the below section:

  • Multiple functionalities- From processing sales of the business to managing the entire supply chain, this cloud-based solution can do everything. It features various functionalities by which you can make the tasks simpler than before in your business. As a result, the business keeps on growing with the proper management of every department and all the operations.
  • Features a cloud-native architecture- S/4HANA public cloud includes a cloud-native architecture that gives maximum benefits to businesses. You will not require setting up any on-premises infrastructure to scale up your business. Some of the major benefits of this public cloud include scalability of the business, speedy deployment, and automatic updates. This cloud system allows sharing of resources with many other users.
  • Offers real-time analytics- One of the major benefits of using this cloud solution is it provides real-time analytics. You can gain access to the latest business data with the help of this cloud solution. With this data, the businesses are able to take concrete decision quickly.
  • Simple integration with other apps- S/4HANA public cloud can integrate easily with other applications and SAP cloud solutions like SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Ariba, and SAP SuccessFactors. With perfect integration, you can complete various tasks like procurement, management of human capital, and sales.
  • Suits businesses of all sizes and types- You can conveniently use ERP S4 Hana for businesses of every type and size. It offers multiple functionalities that match the needs of every business and its type. Many organizations use this solution to suit their requirements and regulations. More than 60% of businesses use this solution for managing their daily activities.


Popular Use Cases of S/4HANA Public Cloud Solution

Now, let us know how this cloud solution is used in various sectors:

Retail and E-commerce Sector

S/4HANA public cloud solution can simplify many tasks of the retail industry like managing sales, pricing strategies, inventory, and promotions. You can get a deep insight into the sales performance of the company by using this cloud solution.

The best example is Costco Wholesale, an American retail company with a net revenue of around $242.29 billion uses S/4 Hana software.

Manufacturing Area

This cloud solution can be conveniently used to streamline various manufacturing operations. You can do various activities such as inventory management, production planning, and controlling the quality of the products with this cloud solution. You can get real-time data on the production process, resource allocation, and levels of inventory.

Financial Work

After a successful response in other industries, banks, and financial institutions are using S/4 HANA public cloud software for their daily tasks. It can easily complete every task of the bank like checking accounts receivable and payable and preparing a general ledger and cash management. Besides, it is also widely used in several utility companies and professional services.

Advantages of Using S/4HANA Public Cloud Solution

S/4HANA public cloud solution gives multiple benefits such as:

  • It gives real-time analytics of data processing and other activities to make the best decision.
  • You will receive great flexibility and scalability in your business by using this cloud solution.
  • It is easy and quick to adopt this cloud solution in any kind of business.
  • It can be integrated with any solution and application to ensure the smooth flow of information in the business.


If you want to know more about this cloud solution, talk to an ERP consultant on how to use this solution for your business requirements. This powerful solution brings ease to the management of the various departments of the organization. It also helps to make informed business decisions based on correct information and data. If used correctly, this public cloud solution brings multiple benefits to your business and streamlines its operations.