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S/4HANA Public Cloud for Manufacturing Success

ERP For Manufacturing

A majority of manufacturing companies in this tech-driven era understand the need for digital transformation to keep their business competitive in the current market. Many startups and SMEs still run legacy software that is expensive to maintain and offers limited visibility.

Moreover, with time, it creates a domino effect where the company leaders and administrators do not focus on development projects but rather splurge on running basic processes. But the question is;

How can manufacturers oversee these challenges and streamline digital transformations?

This is a common question among startups and small businesses that run on limited resources, staff shortages, and financial constraints. The solution is to construct a base that enables businesses to become cost-efficient and resourceful.

Every business should adopt modern solutions. Modernization means an ERP system, the base of all manufacturing and business operations.

ERP is the core of all major technologies and processes.  

ERP S/4 HANA Infrastructure for a Smooth Transition

Migrating to a modern ERP solution is the first step towards digital transformation. This is where SAP S/4 HANA comes into the picture.

The current SAP ERP system is built on years of experience in the manufacturing industry. S/4 HANA is designed to work as a business’ core unit, ensuring smooth data integration.

How Can S/4 HANA Help in Manufacturing Processes?

S/4 HANA offers a reliable solution for manufacturers to simplify the work cycle across all business operations. This spans across production, back office operations, supply chain management, distribution, etc.

With so many deployment options, manufacturers can choose a highly powerful and versatile cloud solution to automate manufacturing processes.

To offer a more detailed understanding of S/4 HANA, here are four key advantages that bring a competitive edge to your business needs.

Key Advantages of SAP S/4 HANA for Manufacturing Businesses: 

Steer productivity with machine learning 

As per research, around 49% of manufacturing companies considered automation of business systems as their prime concern. For instance, using RPA to automate major business processes streaming on S/4 HANA and other systems can reduce overhead costs and help workers complete labor-intensive jobs easily and efficiently. Any task that includes repetitive, manual, mundane work is ideal for RPA.

Automation makes business operations easy to manage, but it also eliminates pressure from exhausted resources. SAP process manufacturing also had a positive effect on employees’ productivity and work gratification. The automation offered by S/4 HANA helps businesses scale and sustain the current market.

Obtain error-free insights to maintain inventory 

Every business incurs losses due to supply chain disruptions. Long waiting times and unpredicted delays in shipments hamper CX as well. Keeping inventory management on point is critical while fluctuating inventory levels affect cash flow negatively.

To sustain the modern market, businesses must have real-time access to the company’s data and future insights to make informed decisions on the floor. As businesses transition to modern ERP systems, they produce smarter products and services because they know which segments need the most and least effort.

Improve demand forecasting and planning of supply

With S/4 HANA’s latest update, MRP Live, manufacturers can improve the acquisition process and work on the changes in the supply chain. As per the SAP insight survey, 43% of businesses experienced easy adaptability and heightened flexibility while adapting to supply demand changes.

S/4 HANA helps manufacturers forecast inventory demand to ensure resources are readily available when needed while they can adapt to market trends for increased ROI.

Get overall visibility across all business processes

S/4 HANA can help companies access consolidated visibility by eliminating silos from different departments. Automation makes business processes efficient. From production to distribution, every task is simplified.

Operating a business entirely on SAP S/4 HANA gives comprehensive, business-wide insight to ensure seamless supply chain processes. 

Unleash the potential of S/4 HANA and SAP BTP 

In the past few years, many companies have migrated to S/4 HANA, and now they want to leverage SAP’s Business Technology Platform.

BTP offers a consolidated platform for AI, app development, data, automation, and analytics. It is a collection of services coupled with an inventive and extensive platform that syncs well with S/4 HANA.

The most useful benefit of BTP and S/4 HANA is the way they work together. The common offering of S/4 HANA stays the same. This means S/4 HANA eliminates any custom code businesses use in their processes. These enhancements are made possible with BTP, which enables companies to customize S/4 HANA capabilities through extensions to employ a wide range of cloud-based solutions.

Grow Exponentially with SAP

ERP S/4 HANA supports manufacturers in modifying their infrastructure while paving the way for success. With so many advantages awaiting to be unraveled, embark on the S/4 HANA journey to build a robust foundation for your business. 

SAP is a prominent digital transformation leader with long-term manufacturing experience. If you are implementing ERP systems for the first time or want to upgrade S/4 HANA, choose personalized cloud solutions for business development.